Love Inn Books


Sunny vs grumpy
Enemies to Lovers
romance pranks
Opposites attract
Forced Proximity
Lovers in denial

He doesn’t believe in love.
She’s a romantic at heart.
He’s her sworn enemy…and her new boss.

Preston Steele is a buttoned up, Ivy League lawyer from an affluent prominent Boston family.
He ditches the city life and moves to small town Freedom Valley to start over where he finally feels like he belongs.
His new friends think he could use some fun and love in his life.
Only problem is, he doesn’t believe real love exists…for him.
His new law office badly needs a new office manager.
Preston’s a protector and a fixer. It’s what he does.
But what happens when the woman he secretly wants to fix and protect can’t stand him and
becomes his new sworn enemy?
Just one small problem.
She’s also his new office manager.

Paige Mills returns to Freedom Valley in her retro Volkswagen van finally ready to open her new bookstore, a dream she’s been saving towards for years.
Only that dream shatters before it can even begin when she gets to town and realizes she’s
lost everything and has to start over again.
She needs a job so she can keep her grandfather safe in his assisted living facility and reluctantly
accepts a job with the grumpy town lawyer.
Can quirky and extroverted book-loving Paige get Preston to believe in true
And can Preston break down Paige’s walls and get her to trust him?

*Love Inn Books is a small town, enemies to lovers, grumpy/sunshine, rom-com with office pranks, and a pet raccoon. Love Inn Books is a complete standalone and can be read without any of the other books, but if you prefer to read them in order, start with Falling Inn Love as the characters and families are interconnected.*