Forever Inn Love


Forbidden love
Second chance
First love
Soul mates
Falling in love with the wrong person
Returning to hometown
Emotional scars
Broken Heart
Medical Romance

SJ Reid isn’t the same bad-boy high school football player who abruptly left for the Army after graduation. He’s back, and he’s the hot new high school coach.

I’m back in Freedom Valley after twelve years, ready to start my new career. As the new doctor in town, it’s my job to fix people, and fixing is what I do best, for other people that is. I have one simple rule: protect my heart at all costs. I’ve worked hard to heal the broken heart he shattered twelve years ago.

I want to say I’ve moved on, but the truth is, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love SJ. He’s always been my soulmate and the one I haven’t been able to let go.

A second chance means facing family secrets and drama that threatens to break us apart again.

I survived SJ leaving me once. I’m not sure my heart can survive it again.

So we don’t stand a chance when Freedom Valley’s past friends and family conspire to push us back together again.
Can the town that broke us up put us back together again?

*Forever Inn Love is a small town, second chance, first love romance. Forever Inn Love is a complete standalone, but if you prefer to read them in order, start with Falling Inn Love as the characters and families are interconnected.*