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Book cover for Falling Inn Love by Erin Branscom

Available September 29, 2022

Falling Inn Love

The Freedom Valley Series, Book 1

Fall in love with Evan Harper, who runs the idyllic Golden Gable Inn in Freedom Valley, New Hampshire. He’s thrown into the family business, fresh out of the Marines. Lonely and needing a friend, he stumbles upon Beth, broken down by the side of the road. Beth, also at an impasse in her life, running from intense grief and trying to make it as a struggling romance author, is not looking to fall in love again. Evan, meeting the mysterious woman and realizing they can both help each other, what do they have to lose? Everything. Fall in love with this fall New England love story of redemption, second chances at love, and a found family. Former military hero, found family, Inn life, puppies, forced proximity, fated soul mates, redemption, orphan, widow.

Book Cover for Writer's Inspiring Writers What I Wish I'd Known by Jennifer Probst & Erin Branscom

Available October 18th, 2022

What I Wish I’d Known

Writers Inspring Writers

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Falling Inn Love Cover Image

Available December 2, 2022

Baked Inn Love

The Freedom Valley Series, Book 2

Things have been rough for frazzled single-mom Allie. The only bright light in her life is her son, four-year-old Caleb, who’s now healthy after a lifetime of being chronically ill. She finally feels like she can breathe again. Until she’s unexpectedly fired from her job. On top of that, Caleb’s previously absent father decides he wants to fight Allie for custody. Enter Logan Nolan, a handsome, successful literary agent. The best friend of her brother’s fiance, Beth, Logan comes from an extremely wealthy, not-so-great family in Canada that he’s estranged from. When Beth begs him to help bring Allie and Caleb home, he can’t say no. After an awkward start, they embark on an epic cross-country road trip in a moving truck, where they become fast friends and realize they each have something to offer the other. A marriage of convenience that could never be real for one of them. Friends to lovers, fake marriage, epic road trip, millionaire, single parent, different worlds.

Book cover for All in Thyme by Erin Branscom

Available March 3, 2023

All Inn Thyme

The Freedom Valley Series, Book 3

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